Quiz on Inventions – Famous Scientists and Their Inventions

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a famous English proverb. It literally means that the fundamental driving force to bring up something novel which does not already exist in our physical world. History supports the statement as whenever there was a need to curb darkness, the bulb was invented. Whenever it was required to fight a disease, the creation of vaccine helped, and so forth. The following quiz on inventions is to appreciate the remarkable inventions made by intelligent inventors and memorize their inexplicable contribution.

Let us start the quiz and check our knowledge. All the Best!!!!


Inventions right from the beginning of human existence till date have transformed the society. Inventors like Graham Bell, Tesla, Thomas Edison, Alexander Fleming, Isaac Newton etc have shaped human history. The process is incessant and people are doing things to discover new ways to improvise our lifestyle.

The above-mentioned quiz on Famous Scientist and Their Inventions is all about the different inventions. These inventions and discoveries finally have made our daily lives easier and efficient. The questions are on Air conditioner, vitamins, airplane, parachutes, X-ray, and stethoscope, among others. These will give a fair understanding of inventions, inventors, and their dates of inventions extending the boundaries of human experience and capabilities.

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