Privacy Policy

This is the legal agreement between the QuizOrbit owner and the user of the website. There are certain conditions which set the rules for the use of the website. Before accessing the services offered by us, we pledge you to read the privacy policy of the website, as the policy dictates how we collect your data in the course of your use of the website.

Here at QuizOrbit, the users information is very valuable to us and we make our best efforts to protect the users data. We are in a regular process to secure the users data. Everything about how we access the users information and what the users can do is mentioned in the privacy policy. We at QuizOrbit therefore justify the users to read the privacy policy before.


Every document on this website is governed by the laws of the Republic Of India.

In case of any dispute related to the policy or any other problems, following the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, the courts of indore take the complete authority.


QuizOrbit provides Quizzes, Mock Tests, Questions and Answers, MCQs etc. related to various topics like Technology, Science, Maths, Geography, Computer, Festivals, Countries of the world etc. We aim at helping candidates assess their preparation for various competitive exams and General Knowledge tests that cover these topics. Gradually you will find quizzes on all topics like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sports, Books and Authors, Programming Languages etc. for students to professional Level.


Collect Your Information
The user’s browser sends logs containing information every time the user visits our website. The log file contains information like browser type, Internet Protocol Address, browsing history, URLs, number of domain names and clicks. The user’s information is used to manage the site, track the user’s movement and to analyze the trends. The data so collected is not related to the user in any way and is gathered automatically.

The user provides his information when the user gives a call or drops a mail to us.
The user provides us information when they engage in guest posting on our blog.
The user provides data, when they fill a form on our website.
To remember the user’s preferences and to accelerate the search results, we place cookies for a better experience whenever the user surfers on the site.

We use the user’s information to provide better services to them. Using the information for:-
Understanding users to serve their needs in a better way
We may reach the user through call, SMS, popups or Emails for the purpose of showing the user the services which are of their interest.
We evaluate the achievement of the campaigns through its success and effectiveness.
The user’s information is used for success stories and testimonials on our website. The information of the user includes their name, picture, designation, LinkedIn link and their experience with QuizOrbit.


The data provided by the users is a valuable part of the company and can be transferred in case of bankruptcy or mergers with another company.


The user’s information is kept safely until the users are connected. Though we never involve any third party for data sharing.

If the law requires certain information, we may share your data.


We use session cookies as well as persistent cookies.
Cookies are small pieces of data which are used to store information through which we can determine the user’s browser, recognize the user’s liking and to keep the user’s logged in.

Though the users can disable cookies through the browser, as per their preference.

DoubleClick Dart Cookies
Ads by Google’s Adsense use DoubleClick DART Cookies. Basically, these cookies aim at showing ads based on the users browsing history. When a user visits our website and sees a Google ad on the website, it drops a cookie on their browser.

WEB beacons help in understanding the nature of the user. We use Web Beacons at QuizOrbit. They can be visible or invisible screen objects like frames, buttons, styles, objects or even a transparent pixel.

Server Logs are maintained by us to analyze the traffic in our website. Through this, we can get a better understanding of our users.

For Citizens of EU and EEA (GDPR)
For handling the personal information of the EU & EEA.

There are some terms which govern the use of personal information outside EU & EEA

Any infringement of the personal information will be notified to the users.
The user can request for data corrections and can also leave out their agreement to have access to their information that we hold.
For any queries relating to the processing of the data by the users, they can mail us at
The user’s personal information is used only for the purpose of knowing the user’s interest for delivering our services to them.

A lot of offers come at the user’s way and you can contact us through Call, Message, Emails or Popups. If you do not want to be contacted, you can mail us at

WE at QuizOrbit protect and keep safety of our user’s data. Along with us, it is the user’s responsibility too to safeguard their passwords. If there occurs any discrepancy, the user will be contacted soon and the discrepancy will also be solved.

This website has been created for all aged people. Therefore, if a child makes any payment, it should strictly be done under the observation of their parents. We take children’s privacy very seriously.

QuizOrbit is an Indian based website but is accessible anywhere around the world though the policy governing the collection of data may be different from India.

We guarantee the certainty of the content on the website. We are not liable for any damage that occurs during the usage of information on this server.

The clients data is well safeguarded with us and will not be used for marketing or any other practices. The data will also not be available to the third party for any purposes with the user’s permission.

There is no registration for browsing our website. We collect and store only those information which is provided to us by the clients.

The information gathered from the users will only be used for their feedback with the services and to inform about the new services that we come up with.

On our website there may contain links which belong to third party or other websites. The users must therefore be aware that we are not accountable for the data leaked by the third party resources. As different third parties have different privacy policies therefore we recommend you to read their privacy policy.

All the content in QuizOrbit needs permission to be accessed. Every content published on the website has a copyright. Therefore any user wanting to access the content has to take the permission from the copyright holder and submit it for accessing the materials.


Sharing your personal information

The users may be asked for a testimonial sharing their learning experience. The testimonial which will also be displayed on our website contains the user’s name, designation, picture and the social media links of various accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc. The user’s have themselves selected their names to be displayed on the website and therefore we will not be accountable for the same. For any trouble with the information being displayed you can contact us through

Correcting Personal Information

It may happen that the user’s information may not be accurate or if there is any update in the information, he/she can do it so my mailing us at

The terms mentioned here in the privacy policy are subject to change periodically. QuizOrbit holds the authority to do so without any prior information. We therefore advise the users to review the policy periodically and keep themselves informed about our data protection strategies. Also, being an active user of our website means that the user agrees to the changes made in the privacy policy.

A user wanting to remove his/her account can mail us at

For any queries relating to the privacy policy of QuizOrbit, you can write to us at