Covid-19 Quiz – Coronavirus Questions and Answers

Coronaviruses are a huge family of viruses ranging from the one that causes mild cold to the fatal ones which can cause dangerous diseases such as MERS and SARS. In the present scenario, Covid-19 has spread across the world and has taken the lives of thousands. Our world is going through a tough time where everyone stands clueless as to what to do so as to get rid of pandemic and get back to our normal life.

Our today’s Covid-19 Quiz makes us aware of the present grim circumstances by giving information from the beginning till the recent developments.  Let us start the interesting quiz and protect our family from this Virus.


The news of the coronavirus outbreak came to our knowledge in December 2020. China reported the spread of an unknown virus that was causing pneumonia among a larger group of people. Since then the spread of the virus has been incessant and is infecting thousands of people every single day. No vaccine has been developed so far, and the infected patients are diagnosed by symptomatic treatment only. 

The symptoms Covid-19 includes fever, cough and shortness of breath. The government has put out a list of dos and don’t as a part of preventive measures. Frequent washing of hands, maintaining personal hygiene, proper sanitizing, wearing masks, and seeing a doctor if unwell are some of the dos. While travel restrictions, prohibited spitting in public, constricted eating of raw meat, etc are the prescribed don’ts.

The Covid-19 quiz too attempts to shed light on more such information necessary to take care of. Now the lockdowns imposed by the government are getting lifted, but only some fundamental details are available till date. Therefore it is advisable to mind the precautions seriously to avoid severity arousing from the transmission of the virus. 

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