Animals Quiz Questions – Learn Interesting Facts about Animals

The mother earth does not only inhabit humans, but many other animals too. Since time immemorial, animals shelter on the planet, serving as a friend and foe to human existence. They are used as a source of food, means of transportation, in making leather, and carrying out several agricultural and domestic chores. Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects are its various species which form an essential part of the ecosystem. The following Animals quiz consists of 20 interesting questions on the same.

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Here we end the Animals quiz. Animals play a significant role in our ecosystem by serving different purposes. Even the microorganisms contribute in keeping our environment neat and clean. In fact certain animals assist plants in the conversion of free nitrogen available in the environment to strengthen their roots and enable their development.

In order to keep the ecological balance intact, on one hand, carnivores animals control the number of animals. While the herbivores animals feed on plants and restrict their population. However, due to the reckless clearing up of forests, they are under great threat of extinction, which is very unfortunate for our environment.

International organizations like PETA and WWF, are putting their tooth and nail together to create awareness to conserve animals. There are several initiatives by the Indian government also to curb this problem as soon as possible. It is high time for us to take the wake-up call and start acting before it is too late.

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