Mahavir Jayanti Quiz to test your Knowledge

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Mahavira. As per the Jain mythology he is one of the famous saviors and a spiritual teacher in Jainism. He left his home to find the truth in the world.

From the below quiz, we will learn more about Lord Mahavir and his birth anniversary:


From the above quiz, we will learn about Mahavir jayanti and lord Mahavir. Mahavir follows ascetic life, wandering around and begging for food. To teach Jain philosophy he traveled throughout South Asia. His main philosophy is that humans should eliminate greed.

He did meditation for around twelve years. Followers of Mahavira are in four folds: monk (Sadhu), nun (Sadhvi), layman (Shravak) and laywoman (Shravika). Some of the major chapters of Mahavir philosophy are: cycles of birth, life, pain, misery and death.

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  1. Shailendra Waskar says:

    It’s really a good quiz to know about Jainism …Jay jeenendra ..Jay mahavir

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