Python Programming Quiz for Tech Geeks

Python is a famous general-purpose programming language. It is used extensively in web application development, testing, scriptwriting, upgrades, and app development as well.

If you are a python lover, take this interesting Python quiz and check your Python knowledge:


Python over time has gained a lot of importance as compared to other programming languages in the market and it holds many promises for programmers and developers.

This is the most versatile and open-source programming language. Coders use this language for the development of applications and systems.

Moreover, it reduces all the coding efforts and gives better test performance that makes sure that expected results are achieved. This is why Python developers are in demand and it is a language you must learn.

Besides these, Python gives developers automatic memory management and a dynamic type system supporting many programming paradigms. Anyone who is an expert in this language has a lot of career options before them both as a developer and as a data scientist.

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