Disney Quiz – Fun Disney Trivia Quiz

Walt Disney is the perfect culmination of determination and dedication to pursue dreams. He has brought drastic changes not only in his life, but lives of millions across the world. He had the courage to envision his ambition and set an example for others to have faith in themselves too. Today’s Disney quiz is based on the company owned by the same, Disney and some of its most popular characters.

Let’s start the fun and check our Disney Knowledge!!!


Disneyland is one of the most cheerful places for children. There is sculpture of all the cartoon characters of Disney which excites a lot of children. This renders children the opportunity to meet the characters they admire the most. It is also an amazing world of entertainment full of fun and amusement for adults. 

Since the inception of Disney, it continues to elevate its pleasant and angelic nature. Now, it is widespread throughout the world and it is impossible to be unaware about it. The above Disney quiz adds further knowledge on Disney, its characters, and popular feature films. 

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