The Ultimate Riverdale Quiz – Riverdale Trivia Questions

Riverdale series is an indispensable part of the popular culture which portrays several common, but interesting day to day happenings of youngsters. The series is on a group of high school students. These students get shock by the death of one of their classmates. All of them come together to unravel the mystery behind these unexpected events along with parallely running hookups and love affairs. The following Riverdale quiz is based on this famous television series.

Let us take the amazing quiz to check how much we know about Riverdale. All the Best!!!!


This is the end of the interesting Riverdale Quiz. The Riverdale television series is originally based on Archie comics which, in turn, began in 1941. The series depicts the intrepid talk of Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica, Jughead Jones, and other characters, exploring the surreality of a small-town life. Secrets, darkness, twists, disclosures, and melodrama among others are altogether in it. There is also a concept of right versus wrong pervading throughout the storyline. 

The series is really thought-provoking and intriguing. It has something for all kinds of people. The detective in you gets revitalized with each episode as it is made clearer as to who has killed Jason Blossom. Riverdale provides an engaging self-awareness about the incidents taking place around yourself. The series has seventy-six episodes, in total. The CW will, most probably, premier the fifth season in the year 2021.

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