Marvel Quiz – How well do you know the Marvel Movies?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or, MCU illustrates an imaginary world made up of benevolent fictional superheroes with incredible powers. The franchise basically incorporates television serials, comic books, short films, and digital series. The following Marvel quiz centers around its historical context, evolution, and most importantly film series and its characters. It is an endeavor to make you assess your proficiency in an MCU Quiz.

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It has been over a decade since the inception of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Black Panther, Thor, Ant man, Iron man, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange are some of the most interesting parts of Marvel’s production. They have gained intense popularity and fame among its fans, and continue to do so with the upcoming film series. Individuals especially take out time from their busy daily schedule to devote time to these film series which in turn rightly serves its purpose of an excellent refreshment.

Our lives have changed tremendously with the modern blockbusters of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of us have grown up, as a child, reading Marvel Comics. The opportunity to watch our favorite characters through the audiovisual media is in itself very amazing. We have curated the above Marvel quiz on this amusing notion to help you to test your knowledge of your dearest character without asking Alexa. 

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  1. Wanda says:

    Thor never sacrificed anyone for the soul stone 🙂

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