IPL Quiz to Check If you are a Cricket Fan?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional championship for the cricket tournament in India. The idea of the premier league striked Lalit Modi who kickstarted it and was its chairman. Top players from across the world actively participate in IPL, and altogether make it the world’s “richest cricket tournament”. Today’s IPL quiz strives to shed light on this shorter but stimulating and lucrative competition.

So let us begin the interesting quiz. All the best!!!


Since time immemorial, cricket has been larger than life affectation. It is undoubtedly more than merely being a game. It is literally worshipped by people who in turn idolize the cricketers. IPL is the most novel form of cricket which has casted spells on the common folk. It is even more intriguing than other contests and its popularity graph is already touching the sky.

IPL has a large potential audience because of its short duration. It is the most-attended cricket league in the world because of its comparatively short duration. The above IPL quiz seeks to enlighten more about this extremely famous championship. It includes questions on its teams, players, awards, venues, editions, founders, and seasons among others. The quiz will help individuals to learn some enthralling facts about this loving game which never fails to win everyone’s heart.

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