Birds Quiz for Nature Lovers

It is appropriately said, “Become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things, and fly high as you can.” Birds are an agile creature that teach us a great deal of life lessons. It is packed with enormous moral as well as ecological values. The following Birds quiz endeavors to shed light on its vitality and wisdom that are worth bringing up.

So let us start the interesting quiz on birds.


Birds are a crucial part of our ecosystem whose body is covered with feathers, and the feet with scales. It belongs to the aves class of warm-blooded vertebrates. It differs from one another in size ranging from 2 inches to as big as 2.75 metres. Also, some can fly while others cannot, like a penguin. It has been indicated by the fossil remains that birds are 160 millions years old.

It is also interesting to note that birds have excellent intuitive skills. For instance, peacock’s presence foreshadows rain, while owls, bats, and vultures indicate bad weather. Moreover, the way in which they make their nests and defend eggs is also a distinctive task performed by them. These factors make it really exciting to broaden our knowledge related to birds. The Birds quiz includes questions on bird’s eyesight, eggs, wings, heart, and body parts among others, to serve this purpose.

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