Deficiency Diseases Quiz – Learn about Nutritional Disorders

A balanced diet includes proper nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, fibers etc. If one does not include all of these in proportion to remain healthy, deficiency of any of these can cause several diseases. The following 20 multiple choice quiz questions aim to focus on deficiency diseases so as to create as much awareness as possible.

So let us the the quiz on Nutritional Disorders and learn more about protecting our body from these diseases.


Deficiency diseases, basically refers to the diseases caused by the improper intake of essential nutrients. It is worth noting that while wheat is a rich source of carbohydrates, it lacks proteins and fat. Hence it sheds light on the fact that a wholesale diet containing a balanced amount of all nutrients is a key to unlock healthiness.

The above quiz endeavors to create awareness about diseases caused by the deficiency of proteins, calcium and several vitamins. In addition, it encompasses questions on symptoms, causes, diseases, prevention, and nomenclature of certain vitamins among others. It is quite clear that this quiz will help people to increase their awareness. This will also enable them to add nutritive value to their food to stay healthy.

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