Best Anime Quiz for Anime Lovers

There are various types of animation which are produced by large numbers of animation industries every year and released all over the world. Anime is a term that originated from the English word ‘animation.’ Most often anime are inspired by manga (Japanese comics) and video games. Anime production focuses the most over on-camera effects rather than movements.

The anime industry has more than 430 production companies all over the world. 60% of the animated TV shows in the world constitute Japanese anime. Anime constitutes many genres but sometimes people think of it as a genre itself.

From the below quiz, we will learn more about Anime. Let’s start!!!


It is claimed that in 1907, the very first Japanese animated filmstrip” Katsudo Shashin” was created by an unknown creator. In 1923, the Shimokawa warehouse was destroyed because the great Kanto earthquake resulted in the loss of all the earlier works.

The anime has been drawn by hand and computer-animated. This anime is very different from any other form of animation. It is composed of various art styles. The anime industry has won various major awards for its work.

“ Studio Ghibli”, an animated film which was directed by Hayao Miyazaki, was the winner of  Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards. 

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