Archetype Quiz – Check your Personality Archetype

The word Archetype was firstly used in the 1540s. According to different psychoanalysts the meaning of archetype can be different such as it can be a statement, an instinct, etc. It defines the various traits of the behavior of human beings. We can understand the Platonic archetype in the “Theory of Forms” article. The word archetype is taken from latin word archetypum. 

From the below Archetype quiz, we will learn more about psychological archetypes:


From the above archetype quiz, we can understand the behavior of people and different psychological frameworks which comes under archetypes.

There are various categories of archetypes according to different psychoanalysts but Carl Jung’s categorization is the most famous among all.

There are also other uses of the archetype in different ways as they are related to biological science and various archetypes have more than one manifestation.

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