Nelson Mandela Quiz Questions and Answers

Full name of Nelson Mandela is Rolihlahla Mandela, born on 18 july, 1918 in South Africa. He is known to be first black president of South Africa and helped people to move against racial segregation and ushered in a peaceful transition to majority rule. 

From the below quiz, we will learn many things about Nelson Mandela. Are your ready?

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From the above quiz, we learnt so many facts about Nelson Mandela. Like in the year 1964 to 1982 Mandela was incarcerated at Robben Island Prison, off Cape Town.

He was sentenced for life time imprisonment but because of increasing agitation among people in support of him, the government of South Africa decided to free him from prison.

He was a member of the youth wing of the African National Congress (ANC) liberation movement along with the military movement.

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