Quiz on C Language for Beginners

Programming languages are a growing concept and it is beginning to become a part of our daily lives. If you have a technical background and you love programming, then this is something you must learn really well.

We have created this C quiz which will clear all the basics of C, expressions, control statements, functions, loops, and more.


There is a lot to learn from the C programming language. It is a great language to express common ideas in programming in a way that almost everyone is comfortable with.

C is one of the programming languages which have helped us achieve a lot of things in this computer world. It is a very common language that is used for writing the system software and applications.

A lot of principles in C will also show up in many different languages such as Java, C++, and more which will be beneficial for you overall. We hope this quiz helped you learn the basics of C and get better at it.

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