India Quiz – How well do you know your Country?

India is the seventh-largest country in the world. It is made up of different kinds of people who speak innumerable languages and belong to various cultures. Unity in diversity is its salient feature and a thing to be proud of. Fortunately, today we have an opportunity to appear for the India quiz, which consists of 20 questions relating to the same. Let’s enlighten ourselves more and delve into the details of our country.

This quiz on India covers topics like Constitution of India, History of India and rest everything about India.

So let’s start!!!


India is an assimilative country that fosters several cultures, religions, castes, creeds, and civilizations. Colossal Himalayas in the north and three-sided ocean bathing shores contribute to its scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. The India quiz is an endeavor to broaden our understanding and introduce ourselves to the nuanced knowledge of India.

Certainly, India is the birthplace of numerous prominent personalities, including C. V Raman, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sunita Williams, among others. The country has suffered a lot of pathetic situations such as colonization, partition, wars, terrorist attacks, and many disasters. However, it has overpowered these forces and continues to do away with its obstacles.

Further, the quiz on Country India contains questions on Indian history, culture, mythology, geography, and society. Hence it assists you to closely engage with people around you and enhance your consciousness about the same.

Hope you enjoyed playing the quiz.

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