Human Body Quiz – Human Body General Knowledge Questions

The fundamental parts of the human body consists of the head, neck, stomach, arms and legs. These organs carry out a number of biological systems that perform particular functions necessary for everyday living. Therefore in order to have a healthy body, it becomes vital for us to acquire proficiency in the knowledge of the human body. This can be easily done by appearing in the following Human Body quiz.

So let’s start the interesting quiz on our body and its parts.


Human body is the best creation of God. Cells are its building blocks which come together to make tissues, which in turn, collectively make different organs. These organs perform different works for the proper functioning of the body. And to ensure that the system runs smoothly, there is a need to be aware about it.

The quiz on Human Body includes questions on normal blood pressure, number of platelets, RBCs, blood groups, and muscles among others. If these things are kept under control beforehand, it is less likely for a person to fall ill. Moreover, the quiz also encompasses daily lives issues ranging from minor plight such as tears coming out while chopping onions, to major complications such as eye donation.

Further, If we familiarize ourselves with these things and apply them, our lives will get respite and become more acceptable.

Hope you enjoyed the quiz!!!

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