Bollywood Award Quiz for Bollywood Lovers

Hindi language movie making industry of India is known as bollywood and it was started in Bombay now known as Mumbai. This industry was set up in the 1930s and built an empire with its successful character. In these several generations, there are so many superstars who emerged from this industry to earn fame.

Below is the Bollywood Award quiz which has so many interesting questions on bollywood. So let’s start!!!


All the questions above cover so many important awards given to actors and actresses in various categories. There are so many award shows organized by various academics and organizations in Bollywood. Some of the famous award shows of Bollywood are IIFA, Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Gemini award, etc. All these awards are for their best work in the Bollywood industry.

Now in the 21st century Bollywood is one of the leading film industries, featuring almost 1,000 films in a year across the world and different states of India. All  Bollywood movies are full of fight scenes that are done in the presence of trained dancers, awesome songs, energetic melodrama, and many more. Audiences love to learn so many things from these movies.

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