Big Bang Theory Quiz – Check your Space Knowledge

Big bang theory also known as expanding theory.

According to it, the universe originated about 15 billion year ago due to the thermonuclear explosion of a dense entity.

The thermonuclear explosion is called big-bang. With passage of time, it was noticed that galaxies move further and further apart. 

From below Big Bang Theory quiz, we will learn more about big bang theory and origin of universe:


Above Big bang Theory quiz question tells us about how the big bang theory originated.

How gaseous clouds collapsed and converted into flat disc-like structures made up of atoms and very small due to their own gravitational pull.

This flat disc-like structure is called solar-nebula. The very hot central part of this solar nebula  becomes still hotter and converts into the sun.

Now, due to condensation of atoms and dust particles are moving around the sun and formation of other planets took place like mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune.

The solid part of our planet earth is called lithosphere and the gaseous part is known as atmosphere. When the earth’s surface cooled down and its temperature decreased to 100 degree celsius, water formed on it.

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