The Ultimate Taylor Swift Quiz

Taylor Swift is an American songwriter as well as a singer. She was born on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania, U.S. and has won many awards related to her singing career like Grammy award, American music country award, Academy of country music award, etc. She’s very popular among youngsters. She’s a good actor too, as she has performed in very famous series and movies like Hannah Montana, Cats, Bluebird, etc. 

In the Taylor Swift quiz below, much more interesting question are there on Taylor Swift, to make you known more about her. So let’s start!!!


From the above quiz, we get so much information about Taylor Swift and her career journey. Also we had knowledge about her family and her personal life. Taylor Swift is the most awarded woman in America. She got interested in music when she was 13 year old and from that day she is getting success throughout her career.

The most popular songs sung by her are “love story” and “you belong with me”. Her “fearless” studio album was certified diamond by the” recording industry association of America”. For the past few years she’s not attending awards shows, although the reason is not disclosed yet. Taylor Swift is the youngest sensation among all the singers of the era. 

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