Quiz on Sports – General Knowledge Sports Questions and Answers

Sports is a blessing in disguise as it is the easiest way to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Everyone loves to play games and keep themselves amused. However, the uphill task begins when one is in a competition. Then the participant has to adhere to a certain set of rules so as to ensure level playing field competition. Today’s Quiz on Sports elucidates about various facets of sports touching upon its both major and minor details.


Sports are a crucial part of everyone’s life and everyone should take out time for it from their busy schedule. Even devoting a small hiatus of time in sport regularly can make a remarkable contribution in attaining a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, it not only keeps you blooming in the flesh, but also develops a sense of team spirit, patience, dedication, perseverance, and loyalty.

Nowadays, many people are aware and are engaging themselves in sports. It has emerged as a new field to be pursued professionally and people are in fact making their career in it. It’s scope is widening both nationally and internationally. In order to put emphasis on its various aspects, the above Sports quiz includes questions on various leagues, awards, novel fields, technological advancements, supplements, doping, physical and non physical sports among others.

Eventually, sports can be said to be the best exercise. It helps to strengthen immunity, improve mental power, and most importantly maintain physical coordination.

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