Quiz on Human Excretory System

Every living organism undergoes so many processes for healthy living. One such which is performed by all living organisms is excretion. This process is performed for removal of waste products from the body. Process of accretion is performed by a specialised system called excretory system. 

In this quiz, we will learn all the concepts regarding human excretory system and its functioning. Let’s start!!


From the above quiz, we learn so many things regarding the human excretory system like how waste products are eliminated from the body. As the accumulation of toxins may be harmful and the body removes all the metabolic wastes by the process called excretion.

The human excretory system is made up of different parts like a pair of kidneys, a pair of ureters, a urinary bladder, a urethra. All these parts performed specific functions during the excretion process. 

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