Quiz on C++ for Technology Lovers

C++ is a very powerful programming language. It gives the user a lot of controls about how they can use the computer resources along with its exceptional speed and ability to surpass all the other languages.  

With the help of this quiz, we will enable you to learn this amazing language more quickly and easily. Let us begin.


If you are interested in developing mainstream games, then C++ is the language you need to use. A lot of mobile games were built with this language since it is a free, cross-platform, and open-source language.

This cross-platform language is useful for creating high-performance applications. It is found in a lot of operating systems, embedded systems, and graphical user interfaces nowadays.

Besides, big companies such as Google, Facebook, etc need experienced C++ developers and programmers to help them optimize the work on their products or their apps. 

We hope this quiz helped you in clearing your basic concepts and understanding of C++.

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