Quiz on C Programming Language

In the world of technology and computers, nothing lasts for more than 50 years until and unless it is doing its job better than anything else. C programming was introduced to the world in the year 1972. It is still considered the most fundamental building block of the software-defined world. No other language has been able to replace what C provides.

The below quiz on C will help you gain a better understanding of this language and increase your area of knowledge in it.


C is a general-purpose programming language that is very flexible, popular, and easy to learn. 

The C language is widely used around the world for the development of programming languages, operating systems, network drivers, and more. It is also used for security purposes.

One of the greatest benefits of learning this language is that it offers you amazing opportunities to build your career around it. Even after the prevalence of other languages, C is still in demand. C is a very good language but in order to have a good career in it, one needs to be an expert in this. 

We hope this quiz helped you understand the concepts of C in a better way. 

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