Ultimate Pokemon Quiz for Pokemon Lovers

Pokemon has inspired several children and has become the favorite anime series of the innumerable folk. Today’s Pokemon quiz is on this enthusiastic and joyful notion which will attract the attention of children and make adults nostalgic of their childhood. Animation, manga, and game consoles simply thrill all the viewers and so is the aim of this quiz.

Let’s start the quiz and see how many of you are real Pokemon Fans.

All the Best!!!


Pikachu comes from the world of Pokemon which is in the universe of Pokemon. It has numerous thought provoking similarities with the actual world. However this World of the pokemon focuses on the Japanese culture. Pokemon along with its center mascot character of Pikachu were developed by Arceus, a Pokegod, for the first time.

Pikachu is basically an Electric-type of pokemon, and is the most famous mascot of the franchise of Pokemon. This animal-like character has fur of yellow colour with long pointed ears with tips of black colour.

The pokemon series has been a major successful Japanese show which has included itself in the American television and has taken the entire world by storm in a short time. It seems to have hypnotised the children by its sensational work. The above Pokemon quiz sheds light on some of the important information related to it. We hope it serves the purpose of educating you thoroughly on the lesson of Pokemon.

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