Medical Quiz to Learn about Diseases

Medical means a study that is related to curing or healing a patient from any kind of illness or disease. Medicine is generally a diagnosis of disease with the help of science. Medical is a term that perfectly describes the human body and associated components, condition, processes, and procedures in a science-based manner. 

From the medical quiz below, you will get more interesting questions based on medical and human anatomy.


From the above medical quiz, we have learnt many interesting facts and information about human anatomy and some diseases. Here are some more facts about the medical and human body.

An average human being can swallow about 1 litres of saliva each day. Human lungs consist of about 300,000 million tiny blood vessels.

The normal heartbeat on an adult is 60-100 beats/min whereas for a child it is 110-130 beats/min. There are a total of 23 pairs of chromosomes in human beings. 

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