Indian States And Capitals Quiz for GK Competitions

India is considered to be the seventh-largest country in the world as per area. It comes on the second position in the world if we talk about population. It is situated in the southern hemisphere of the world and is officially a democratic country.

Here is quiz based on Indian states and their capitals:


From the above quiz, we learned so many things and facts about Indian states and territories. India consists of 29 states and 7 union territories. For each state, there is a chief minister who rules the state in a democratic way. For union territories, there is a governor who runs the territory. 

India is surrounded by various other countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal, and Pakistan. There are few states which have more than two capital cities for different functioning like judicial, legislative, and administrative.

Along with that, each state has its own specialization in its culture, atmosphere, location, and many more things.

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