Guess the Country Names – World Map Quiz

Guess the Country names quiz consists of 20 questions. These are framed from a wide range of topics of national and international significance. The quiz also comprises questions from current affairs that cover the recent news and events. It is our sole endeavor not to skip any unturned stone. The quiz will help aspirants to evaluate their respective knowledge about the countries of the world and their features.

So let’s start the interesting quiz.

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The above quiz on The Country names consists of questions from various fields which include economy, polity, history, culture, current affairs, etc. It encapsulates topics such as the Air-Bubble agreement, per capita income, seven wonders of the world, rights, and duties among others. This quiz is primarily based on factual information. It incorporates both static and current day to day experiences that are worth bringing up.

We hope you enjoyed playing the Guess the Country names Quiz.

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