Food Quiz – Check your Knowledge about the Food you Eat

Food is the most basic need of living beings whether human or animals or plants. The consumption of food is enjoyable to many and also it is necessary to provide energy and nutrition required by our body. It is because of this that every individual works hard to earn meals at least twice a day. Today we are going to learn some of the interesting facts, dos, and don’ts related to food that we generally intake through this Food Quiz.

So let’s start!!!


Here we complete the Food Quiz. Plants and animals are the sources of food in our environment. Food contains various nutrients required for our survival and growth, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins etc. Many people meet their wants of food either by growing it on their own or by purchasing the food from others. Even after that the final food processing takes place in the kitchen and is then served or taken in directly. 

However, all living beings are not equal. Several of them who cannot manage to get their food have to be left hungry. Even if a few of them get food, they do not have access to a balanced diet. This leads to malnourishment. This year (2020) Nobel Peace Prize is awarded for the programme aimed at eradicating hunger. 

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