Famous Books and Authors Quiz – GK Quiz on Books

Books and authors quiz consists of 20 questions on famous books and their authors. Books are an indispensable part of our lifestyle as it contextualizes and elucidates the social, political, economical, and the psychological structure of the world. Authors delineate the things that influence them and write as per the taste of the readers.

The quiz covers questions on some of the most important books and authors that have left an indelible mark of their deeds in history and for the time to come. The quiz will help aspirants to evaluate their respective knowledge.

So let us start the quiz on authors of various books.


Here we come to the end of the quiz on Books and their authors. The quiz is important for various GK tests and also helpful for aspirants of SSC, Banking, Railway, state PCS, and many others. This quiz might turn out to keep track of recent and historical vital happenings and individual’s consciousness about the same.

Books are helpful in increasing one’s understanding and broadening one’s ability to think. The goal of the quiz is to assist people to learn more about this potential with the utmost ease. Hope you learnt about authors of various important books.

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