Quiz on Continents and Oceans on Planet Earth

Human beings are a small part of the vast planet Earth. Earth is a vast planet which is made up of two major parts: continents and oceans. Continents are huge land masses in which different living organisms live.

Continents are made of countries and their culture, habitat, vegetation and people inside each continent differs from the other. And oceans are large water bodies that connect the continents of the world. Oceans are a way of transport around the continents. The larger part of Earth is water, that is, 70 %. 

From the given quiz on continents and oceans, we will understand and get more knowledge on them. So let’s start!!!!


From the above quiz on continents and oceans, you get to know a lot about them. The average depth of the oceans is about 3,500 m/ 11,482 ft. However the depth of the oceans might vary widely depending on the location on the tectonic plates. The temperatures in the world’s oceans range widely.

In the Arctic and Antarctic area, water is up to -2°C/ 28°F and in the Tropical area, it is upto  28°C/ 82°F. Antarctica is the only one continent which has no country present, which means that Antarctica is itself a country. Most part of earth ‘s surface is covered by continents; only a very small portion is covered by Islands.

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