C Programming MCQ Quiz with Answers

Designed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972, C language is a procedural programming language. Even after 50 years from its development, it has not lost its importance in the modern world computer software development scene. This language is used in speed and time-critical areas like the development of operating systems and firmware development.

Many new languages such as PHP, Java, C++, and more are based on this language itself. This is why you are advised to be efficient in C so that you can get command of any new language easily. This is why we will kick-start with this C quiz to improve your basics of this language. 


C is the most popular language of all time because it is the mother of every programming language. It is the most preferred and widely used language till now since its development. It has given a lot of new concepts such as data types, functions, arrays, and more.

It not only is simple to learn and flexible but it also proves beneficial for programmers as they will not have any difficulty in learning other languages as most of them are based on C. We hope this quiz helped you revise all the concepts and gain vast knowledge on this wonderful programming language.

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  1. Mallanna says:

    Really good questions and helpful to refresh the basics

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