Brain Quiz – How well do you know your Brain?

The human brain’s main function is to control every function of the human body ranging from physiological functions to cognitive abilities.

Brain shows functions by receiving and sending signals via neurons and its dendrites to different parts of the body. They form a networking link throughout the whole body.

This networking link passes signals (electrical nerve impulse) to the brain within very less time (>1 second).

Structure and functioning of the human brain is almost similar like all mammals, but the human brain is more developed than mammalian in each aspect. 

From the below brain quiz, we will learn more about brain and its functioning. Let’s start!!


From the above brain quiz, we get to know a lot about the brain. A human brain is located inside the skull.

The skull has 22 bones which protect the inner brain from shock. The skull also provides protection from a frontal, lateral and dorsal brain.

The inner layer of the skull is cranium which has fluid inside it which is called cerebrospinal fluid.

This fluid protects the  brain from external shock. It acts as a cushion for a brain.

Brain is the most complex organ in a human being. About 86% of the brain is made up of nerves (neurons). 

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