Anatomy Quiz Questions and Answers

The branch of science deals with the body structure of living organisms revealed by dissection procedure is termed as anatomy. The term anatomy is derived from greek word as the word “ana” means up and “tome” means cutting and all total anatomy means cutting up an organism. 

The following Anatomy quiz is an attempt to enhance your knowledge regarding the same. It consists of questions from the area of plant anatomy, human anatomy and animal anatomy as all three types of anatomy are equally important for studying organisms. 


Thus, in the above anatomy quiz, we discussed so many questions which were important as per anatomy point of view. Anatomy itself is divided into three different parts based on organisms: they are human anatomy, plant anatomy, and animal anatomy. 

Human anatomy: In this, we study the physical structure of the human body. It includes nervous system, circulatory system, skeletal system, reproductive system, respiratory system, etc. 

Plant anatomy: It is also called phytotomy. In this, we study the internal structure of plants like root, stem, leaves, fruits, seeds, etc. 

Animal anatomy: It is also known as zootomy. This anatomy deals with the internal structure of an animal including the cells, tissues, organ, organ system, etc. 

In some fields like medicine, life science sectors anatomy plays a very crucial role. They help in so many ways like which medicine is suitable for which kind of organism, studying different parts of organism, etc. It also helps in knowing the function of both internal and external functions of an organism. 

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