African Countries Quiz to test your Geography Knowledge

Africa itself is a continent and it is the world’s second largest continent after Asia. As per population factor, Africa is in second position with about 1.3 billion people.

Talking about 2018 data, African population was about 16% of the world total population, which is really a big percentage.

This continent is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean from the west side. From the north side, it is surrounded by Mediterranean sea.

Whereas from the east side, it is surrounded by the red sea and the Indian ocean and from the south by the Atlantic and the Indian oceans. 

From the African Countries quiz below, we will grasp more knowledge about Africa.


From the above quiz, we learned so many interesting facts about African country and its different regions.

There are thousands of languages that people speak in Africa but majorly there are only six languages.

Location of  Atlas mountain is in the Northern part of Africa. Along with that many mountains are there in different African Countries. The Sahara desert is also in Africa continent. 

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